Alessandro Lacava

on Designing and Developing Software. In love with Functional Programming.

About Me

My name is Alessandro Lacava (a.k.a. Ale or Sandro).

Alessandro Lacava

I hold a degree in Telecommunications Engineering and work as a Software Designer and Developer. I also write technical articles, as a freelance, for IT magazines and coauthored the book Professional Scala.

I’ve been programming since 1989–I wrote my first LOC in Pascal at the age of 13. At that time web and mobile applications did not exist yet. By the way “applications”, then, were still called programs. Since then I’ve been using different paradigms and languages.

I have an extensive experience with Object-Oriented Design and Programming even if, at the moment, I’m mainly interested in Functional Programming and languages such as: Scala, Haskell and so on. You know, being allowed to reason equationally about code is always a good thing in my humble opinion.

From a typing point of view I’m more a static typing guy. I understand, however, that sometimes dynamic typing could be the right choice for the problem at hand. So static typing whenever possible and dynamic typing only when needed.

At the moment, I’m mostly involved in designing and developing applications using Scala and Java.

If you need to contact me, I suppose you can guess my e-mail address on gmail knowing my first and last name.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, GitHub and Twitter.