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Obtaining Wireless News With J2ME and PHP

J2ME and PHP are both powerful technologies used to develop applications for mobile devices and Web applications, respectively. In this article, you’ll see how to make them work together by developing a simple and useful application that retrieves the latest news from the Web and displays that on a mobile device.

The Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) is targeted at cell phones, smart cards, pagers, and other consumer devices. J2ME technology consists of a virtual machine and a set of APIs suitable for tailored runtime environments for these devices. PHP, on the other hand, is a widely used server-based language to build Web applications. But these two radically different technologies work very well together. In this article you’ll see how they can interact via HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol). Of course, this is not intended to be a thorough explanation of how HTTP works—you only need to know that HTTP is a request/response protocol. That simply means that the client application performs a request and the server application returns a response.

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