Using Javascript to detect the key pressed

Often it is useful to intercept the key pressed within an element of an HTML form, like a textbox and so on. For this purpose you can use Javascript to extract the code of the key that was pressed. Here is a snippet of code you can use–of course adapting it to your needs.

function keyPressed(e){
  var code;
  if(window.event){ //IE
   code = e.keyCode;
  else{ //other browsers
    code = e.which;
  //check, for example, if the Enter key was pressed (code 13)
  if(code == 13){
    //Enter key pressed
    //Another key pressed

Note: keyCode is used by Internet Explorer while which is used by the other browsers.

Then, from within a form, you can call this function. For example

<input onkeypress="javascript:keyPressed(event);" type="text" />