Very Useful Shortcuts for Eclipse

Who uses eclipse already knows how fantastic this great IDE is. Here I want to provide a table with the shortcuts I use almost ever when I develop in Java.

Action Shortcut

Toggle Comment Ctrl+7
Show Tooltip F2
Format Code Ctrl+Shift+F
Indent Line Ctrl+I
Duplicate Lines Down Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow
Duplicate Lines Up Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow
Delete Next Line And Move Below Code Up Ctrl+D
Delete Next Word Ctrl+Delete
Delete Previous Word Ctrl+Backspace
Delete Line Ctrl+Shift+Delete
Insert Line Above The Current One Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Insert Line Below The Current One Shift+Enter
Move Lines Down Alt+Down Arrow
Move Lines Up Alt+Up Arrow
Next Word Ctrl+Right Arrow
Previous Word Ctrl+Left Arrow
To Upper Case Ctrl+Shift+X
To Lower Case Ctrl+Shift+Y
Shortcut for System.out.println Type syso and then Ctrl+Space Bar

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