Undo close tab in Eclipse

I don’t know about you, but I love the Firefox’s undo-close-tab feature (Ctrl+Shift+T). If you use Eclipse you might be glad to know you can undo the close-tab action in Eclipse as well. You can do that both using your mouse by clicking on the yellow left arrow you can see in the Eclipse toolbar and through the keybord using the Alt+Left Arrow key combination. I hope this helps.

OutOfMemoryError in Eclipse | Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

OutOfMemoryError in Eclipse | Java Virtual Machine (JVM) It might happen that while running a Java application within the Eclipse environment you get an OutOfMemoryError due to the maximum amount of memory dedicated to the heap. You can fix it by increasing the minimum (-Xms parameter) and maximum (-Xmx parameter) heap size. You can do it in two different ways: By editing your eclipse.ini file you find under your Eclipse installation directory.

Very Useful Shortcuts for Eclipse

Who uses eclipse already knows how fantastic this great IDE is. Here I want to provide a table with the shortcuts I use almost ever when I develop in Java. Action Shortcut Toggle Comment Ctrl+7 Show Tooltip F2 Format Code Ctrl+Shift+F Indent Line Ctrl+I Duplicate Lines Down Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow Duplicate Lines Up Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow Delete Next Line And Move Below Code Up Ctrl+D Delete Next Word Ctrl+Delete Delete Previous Word Ctrl+Backspace Delete Line Ctrl+Shift+Delete Insert Line Above The Current One Ctrl+Shift+Enter Insert Line Below The Current One Shift+Enter Move Lines Down Alt+Down Arrow Move Lines Up Alt+Up Arrow Next Word Ctrl+Right Arrow Previous Word Ctrl+Left Arrow To Upper Case Ctrl+Shift+X To Lower Case Ctrl+Shift+Y Shortcut for System.