Try-Success-Failure API for Java 8

Try-Success-Failure API: Java implementation of the famous Scala counterpart Source code: Try-Success-Failure API for Java This API is a Java implementation of Scala Try API, originally implemented by the guys at Twitter and later added to the Scala Standard Library. The Try type represents a computation that may fail. If the computation is successful returns the value wrapped in a Try.Success otherwise returns the java.lang.Exception wrapped in a Try.Failure. To use Try you need to call the Try.

Goodbye Dennis Ritchie (dmr)

Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie (username: dmr, September 9, 1941 — October 8, 2011) This post is dedicated to a man that gave a lot to the computer science world, Dennis Ritchie (a.k.a. dmr). He is the creator of the C programming language and the key developer of the Unix operating system. The C programming language is the book he wrote along with Brian Kernighan. In my humble opinion, it is one of the best book ever written about computer programming.

Undo close tab in Eclipse

I don’t know about you, but I love the Firefox’s undo-close-tab feature (Ctrl+Shift+T). If you use Eclipse you might be glad to know you can undo the close-tab action in Eclipse as well. You can do that both using your mouse by clicking on the yellow left arrow you can see in the Eclipse toolbar and through the keybord using the Alt+Left Arrow key combination. I hope this helps.