Java split() of String | Multiple whitespace characters

The split method of the String class is very useful when you want to tokenize a string. Its power lies in the fact that it accepts a string, as a parameter, which can be a regular expression. However you must be careful when you want to split a string using the whitespace character as a delimiter. Consider the following snippet of code: Stringstr="Testing split using two whitespace characters";String[]tokens=str.split("\\s");for(Stringtoken:tokens){System.out.println("-"+token+"-");} What’s the output produced by the previous code?

OutOfMemoryError in Eclipse | Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

OutOfMemoryError in Eclipse | Java Virtual Machine (JVM) It might happen that while running a Java application within the Eclipse environment you get an OutOfMemoryError due to the maximum amount of memory dedicated to the heap. You can fix it by increasing the minimum (-Xms parameter) and maximum (-Xmx parameter) heap size. You can do it in two different ways: By editing your eclipse.ini file you find under your Eclipse installation directory.

How to get the number of columns in a ResultSet in Java

In Java it is possible to retrieve the number of columns of a ResultSet dinamically, thanks to the ResultSetMetaData class. Here’s an example: // Here you get the conn object. E.g.: // Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(...); Statementst=conn.createStatement();ResultSetrs=st.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM your_table");ResultSetMetaDatarsmd=rs.getMetaData();intnumCols=rsmd.getColumnCount();System.out.println("Number of columns in your_table: "+numCols); The previous code retrieves and displays the number of columns of your_table.